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Solar Powered TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Xtrons series (TPMS03)




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The product is an optional extra and must be ordered together with the XTRONS headunit (car radio) that it belongs to, please do not order this item on its own. Contact us for a quotation if you would like to order this item without the XTRONS headunit or on its own.

Solar Wireless TPMS Car Tyre Pressure Monitoring System 4 Internal Sensors
Note: This TPMS unit will work with vehicles up to a max weight of 3.5 ton.

Solar energy / USB charging power supply LCD display.
Wireless transmission, no wire connection is needed.
Real-time monitoring of tyre pressure and temperature of four tires.
Suitable for all vehicles with standard valves. Cars, vans, SUV's, etc.
Match with four built-in sensors.

Operating voltage: 3.7 V - 5V
Operating current: <10mA
RF transmission frequency: 433.92MHz+/-50KHz
Pressure accuracy: ±0.1 bar (±1.5 psi)
Temperature accuracy: ±3°C
Monitor size: 100x83x30mm
Sensor Size: 60x35x21mm
Weight: 48g

How to Install
Remove the original valve from the tyre.
Install the sensor (the installation position indicates on the sensor).
Inflate the tyre.
Screw the nut and valve-cap.
Perform a dynamic balance testing.
Adjusting and counterweight by putting the weight bar.

Package Includes
4 x Built-in sensors
1 x Solar LCD display

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