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3G USB Modem for XTRONS series (3GDONG008)




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Before ordering...
The product is an optional extra and must be ordered together with the XTRONS headunit (car radio) that it belongs to, please do not order this item on its own. Contact us for a quotation if you would like to order this item without the XTRONS headunit or on its own.

XTRONS HSPA Wireless 3G Modem Mobile Wi-Fi Dongle. 
This product is designed to provide a high-speed and wireless performance for your computer. With a faster wireless connection, you can get a better Internet experience, such as downloading, gaming, video streaming and etc.. Take the 3G Wi-Fi Dongle and enjoy fast, reliable Internet connection anywhere at any time!

Not only a 3G USB Modem, but also a USB Wi-Fi Router
Wireless access is available on both 3G network and Wi-Fi networks. (4G is not supported)
Convenience and portable - the 3GDONG008 is simple to use and sports a sleek and stylish appearance.
High speed internet accesses, both in the office and at home, it can also be used via notebook, laptop, UMPC and MID devices.
Connecting the dongle gives access to Wi-Fi Internet so all passengers can enjoy the Internet anytime, anywhere.
Users gain access to an ultra-speed Internet connection with amazingly low power dissipation
Free drive – inserting a SIM card acts as a wireless router with simple operation - no need to set up.
Note: SIM Card not included, you will need to purchase this item separately.

WLAN: 802.11b/g/n
Connectivity: 3G and Wi-Fi
Size(L*W*H): 91mm x 27mm x 13mm
Network SIM Card Adapter USB Stick

3GDONG008 is compatible with all XTRONS Android units. 
Contact us before ordering if you're unsure if this item is compatible with your navigation system.

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