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20x FFP2 Respirator Face Masks (KRP002-FFP2)




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FFP2 respirator face masks can be used to aid in the prevention of being infected by several pathogens, including the latest global threat known as the coronavirus but also as SARS-COVID-19 or simply COVID19.

Cloth masks do not protect you for being infected by the virus, cloth masks only help prevent the spreading of the virus if you're infected, know the difference!

These are not "dust masks", these are FFP2 rated Respirator Masks...

These are not dust masks, these are respirator masks. Dust masks (e.g. FFP1, N80 etc..) do NOT offer any protection and must not be used if you're concerned about being infected with the coronavirus. The best masks to use must be rated FFP2 or higher. Please don't be fooled or scammed by people selling dust masks or cheaper FFP1 masks, those will not protect you!

1) FFP2 (N95 equivalent) respirator masks
2) CE EN149:2001 certified
3) Price per pack (includes 20x masks)

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