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How to Order & Payment

> How do I pay with Mobicred?

> How do I pay for my order?

> How do I order from Stop Shop?

> How do I create an account?

Shipping & Returns

> How much duties and taxes will I be charged?

> How do I return a faulty product?

> How long will my order take to arrive?

GPS Software & Maps

> I tried installing Garmin but it doesn't work..

> There are no GPS maps included, what now?

Technical Questions

> Looking for an installer?

> Installers to avoid!

> Amplifier Issues

> What is Tire Pressure Management System (TPMS)?

> What is Digital Video Recorder (DVR)?

> What is Digital TV (DVB-T, ISDB-T..)?

> CAMERA - How to connect the rear-view camera?

> Vehicle Diagnostics!

> Touch Screen Calibration (general guide)

> Steering Wheel Controls (general guide)

> The plugs don't match what now?

> Where can I have the system installed?

> Will my iPod charge while connected to the system?

> Is my iPod compatible with your systems?

> Where do I download the firmware from?

> Noise Suppression

Secure Payment

> How sure can I be that my payment will be safe?

> How do I know that I won't be scammed?

Other FAQs

> Looking for an installer?

> Which is the best system for my vehicle?

> Warranty?

> Is the product I want available?

> Am I liable for Duties & Taxes?

> Can I view the product and collect from your premises?


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