For South African customers...

What to do when the courier company forwards the Customs Declaration Form & How much duties/taxes will I be charged?

This depends on the item/s you have purchased from our online store, GPS navigation systems, for example, do not attract import duties but do attract VAT as do all items sold on our website. In addition, the courier company usually applies a disbursement fee (R150.00/DHL, R380.00/TNT) per consignment which together with other charges are billed directly to you (the receiver). The courier company will provide a TAX invoice upon delivery which you should keep for future reference.

Example: If you're purchasing a GPS navigation system that costs R3000.00 and it's shipped by DHL Express, then you'll be charged R420.00 for VAT + R150.00 for the disbursement fee (total to pay the courier is R570.00).

The courier will usually email the SAD500 (Customs Declaration Form), you should always double check that the following is correct prior to paying the courier company (applies only to South African customers):

Statistical Value: If you paid in Rands then please check under point 46 of the SAD500 document that the declared value is the same as the value of the product/s you ordered. If the amount is substantially different, then please reply to their email and ask them to rectify the statistical value and that the currency is ZAR and not USD. You should also include a copy of your invoice when replying to the courier company which you may download by logging into your accounts and clicking on "My orders" (click on the PDF icon next to your order to download the invoice).

Commodity Code: If you purchased a DVD/GPS system, then please ensure that the commodity code under point 33 of the SAD500 is 8526.91.00 (3). If it is not, then please reply to their email and inform them that this is the correct code as the system that was ordered is a navigation unit which uses the above-mentioned commodity code and does not attract duties.

For non-South African customers..

Please contact your local customs authority if you'd like more information regarding import duties, taxes etc.. Unfortunately we cannot provide information regarding the import regulations of your country, however, your local customs authority will gladly assist with any queries that you may have.

Additional info regarding import duties and taxes...

For reference purposes only, you can refer to the below link which has an import duty and taxes calculator which will give you an idea of how much you'll need to pay to your local customs authorities;

When using the calculator and if you purchased a navigation headunit, then please type "Car navigation" then press "enter" (next to the "Product description" tab..) so that the correct product description is selected which will be;
"Electronics & Video Games/In-Car Electronics/Sat Nav/GPS"

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