Available extras include Android Auto, Apple Carplay, DVR, Reverse Camera, TPMS, 3G, 4G, Modem, WiFi, Digital Radio, TV...

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  • Android & Apple

    Android Auto & Apple CarPlay licenses and dongles for our systems

  • Amplifier Decoder

    Add the Amplifier Sound Decoder to your order if your vehicle is originally equipped with a factory fitted amplifier.

  • Cables

    Replacement cables and harnesses for our products

  • CAN-Bus

    Replacement CAN-Bus decoders for our systems

  • Dashcams

    Check out our wide range of dashcams, some include built-in WiFi and most offer HD recording for picture clear recordings...

  • Digital Radio

    Digital Radio receivers (DAB, DAB+) for our in-dash navigation systems

  • Digital TV

    Digital TV receivers for our systems

  • Headrest Monitor Extras

    Optional add-ons and replacement parts available for our Headrest Monitors, everything from video and audio cables, remote controls to wireless headphones and chargers...

  • Modems

    USB 3G Modems for our navigation systems

  • Monitors

    Keeping your passengers entertained in the comfort of your car is a must on those long trips and both our headrest and overhead monitors are up to the task! Play DVD movies on the one monitor while listening to music on the other or share the same movie on multiple screens, not a problem. Not enough? How about some games? We got you covered!

  • OBD

    OBD Adapters

  • Reverse Cameras

    Check out our wide range of reverse cameras, most have guidelines and some include built-in Park Distance Control sensors (PDC). Bumper and plate style available...

  • TPMS

    Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

  • WiFi

    WiFi dongles for in-dash navigation systems to allow you to access a wireless hotspot for internet access

  • Other

    Miscellaneous accessories for our products

  • Services

    Services offered by Stop Shop SA include, Out of WarrantyAssessment, Repairs, Quotations, Warranty Extensions etc..


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