Available extras include Android Auto, Apple Carplay, DVR, Reverse Camera, TPMS, 3G, 4G, Modem, WiFi, Digital Radio, TV...

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  • Android & Apple

    Android Auto & Apple CarPlay licenses and dongles for our systems

  • Amplifier Decoder

    Add the Amplifier Sound Decoder to your order if your vehicle is originally equipped with a factory fitted amplifier.

  • Cables

    Replacement cables and harnesses for our products

  • CAN-Bus

    Replacement CAN-Bus decoders for our systems

  • Dashcams

    Check out our wide range of dashcams, some include built-in WiFi and most offer HD recording for picture clear recordings...

  • Digital Radio

    Digital Radio receivers (DAB, DAB+) for our in-dash navigation systems

  • Digital TV

    Digital TV receivers for our systems

  • Headrest Monitor Extras

    Optional add-ons and replacement parts available for our Headrest Monitors, everything from video and audio cables, remote controls to wireless headphones and chargers...

  • Modems

    USB 3G Modems for our navigation systems

  • OBD

    OBD Adapters

  • Reverse Cameras

    Check out our wide range of reverse cameras, most have guidelines and some include built-in Park Distance Control sensors (PDC). Bumper and plate style available...

  • TPMS

    Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

  • WiFi

    WiFi dongles for in-dash navigation systems to allow you to access a wireless hotspot for internet access

  • Other

    Miscellaneous accessories for our products

  • Services

    Services offered by Stop Shop SA include, Out of WarrantyAssessment, Repairs, Quotations, Warranty Extensions etc..