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Stop Shop Online Store.. Buy Your Car Navigation Systems at the lowest price from and save thousands when compared to our competitors. This is because is one of the top sellers of all sorts of in-dash entertainment systems covering the widest range in South Africa, there's very few vehicles that we don't have a system for and our high sales volumes and long lasting relationships with our suppliers allows us to receive the best possible price which of course we pass onto our customers. It doesn't matter if you have a "Fortuner", "Hilux" or a "VW Golf", we've got the perfect navigation solution for your vehicle. Still using that old "Garmin Nuvi" or "TomTom Go" in your car, are you looking for a neater solution with faster performance, a larger and clearer screen with voice guided navigation? Then look no further, check-out the categories on the left and remember that you can also purchase the latest Desnav maps (Navteq) directly from us and of course, at a great price.


Warranty.. Not only are our prices unbeatable (good luck finding a cheaper price in SA), we also offer 12 months manufacturer warranty. If during the warranty period the product fails to perform as advertised, simply process a return request from within your account to have it sent in for repairs. Whatever happens, don't let amateurs open or modify your system in any way as this usually causes more harm. Let our trained technicians have a look and resolve the problem as quickly as possible after all, that's what they're there for and it's usually a quick fix. By the way, do you know that our technicians are local and in most cases (+98%) all repairs are done locally and within 7 working days?


Risks with importing yourself.. We know the game as we've been in the business for many years and in fact, was one of the first online stores in South Africa to offer specialized/factory fit in-dash navigation systems. Sure you could save a "few bucks" if you import the system yourself but what happens if you get scammed or when there's a problem and you've spent thousands on a system that's faulty? You'll need to ship it back to China at your cost which is going to set you back at least R900.00 and that's not all, you're an end-user so you'll be dealing with resellers that won't prioritise your return. With it's quite different, we have a dedicated team which is able to repair most systems locally and if the system does need to be shipped back to the manufacturer (worse case scenario), we cover all the costs such as shipping, labour, import charges (when receiving the unit back for the manufacturer) as well as the postage cost to send the system back to you which runs into the thousands. And because we're resellers, our returns are prioritised when compared to products returned by end-users. What happens if you need help with understanding certain functions of your system, are you willing to waste time and exchange 10 emails before the Chinese reseller is able to understand your problem and assist with a viable solution? We speak English (not Chinglish..), understanding your problem usually only takes one email and if your query is complex and requires technical feedback from the manufacturer, then we'll get the info for you in no time.


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